Oscar Predictions 2014

For several years now, I have claimed that I have developed the perfect formula for predicting who will win an Academy award; however, since I barely pay attention to award season, I usually end up making my prediction as they are announcing the nominees, which to be honest is usually the first time I've heard them. Therefore, I have decided to invest 10 whole minutes on the Internet finding out who is nominated and briefly reading about the respective films.

IAWTV Award Winners

Last night the International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) held its first awards show in Las Vegas. The ceremony, which took place at the Consumer Electronics Show, honors the best in online video entertainment. The nominees were chosen from over 350 submissions and voted upon by active members of the IAWTV. As for the show itself, it was very brisk, giving out thirty-three awards in about an hour and a half.

Favorite Direct-to-DVD Movies of 2011

Each year hundreds of films are produced with only a fraction of them debuting in theaters. The rest either find their way to a Television network or the shelf of your local rental store. Buried amongst the monster mashups, in-name-only sequels, and Asylum con jobs are a few films, which in terms of quality, rival their big screen counterparts. For a time direct-to-video carried a stigma; however, with shifting economic concerns such as the high price of movie tickets and the convenience of pay-per-view and streaming services, many films are choosing to go the direct-to-some-other-method distribution model. Below are some of the best choices from 2011, which are worthy of your streaming consideration.

"Inside" with Emmy Rossum Brings New Level of Interactivity

What would you do if you found yourself trapped in a room with only your Facebook friends to help you? Such is the premise of a new social interactive experience starting July 25th.

Inside, which is billed by its producers as "the first interactive social horror film experience" is directed by former, Steven Spielberg protégé, DJ Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia) and stars Emmy Rossum (Shameless) as a girl trapped in a prison like room, yet somehow is still equipped with a Toshiba laptop. Not surprisingly, the project is sponsored by Intel and Toshiba. Through social media she enlists her friends (the audience) in helping her plan her moves and plot her escape.

A Look Back at "The Web.Files"

The Web Files

Two years ago this month, The Web.Files debuted on the Internet. The show was the first of its kind to chronicle the behind the scenes web series world. Each episode was hosted by the effervescent Kristyn Burtt, who also created the show along with series' director Sandra Payne. The series went on hiatus in August of last year, which is a fancy way of saying it might come back but don't hold your breathe, with over 50 episodes produced. During its run the show featured the cast and crew of some of the web's most popular series, interviewed many of its most influential personalities, and introduced viewers to several up-and-coming stars.

Since the series concluded, Kristyn Burtt continues to cover the broader entertainment world, focusing on red carpet events including coverage of this year's Oscar award show. She also regularly updates her website, Red Carpet Closet, where she writes about fashion, entertainment, and cupcakes. Sandra Payne is still married to her husband Perry, who was also the Web.Files' editor, and continues to write and direct. Recently, she began working on a new web series with SafetyGeek:SVI creator and star, Tom Konkle, called Ask Grim a fictitious* talk show hosted by the Grim Reaper.

An Annotated Article

Occasionally, I am asked for writing tips or advise on blogging. Okay, actually, I've only been asked twice, but it seemed like an interesting idea to take an article and annotate it, giving some insight into the process that went into writing the article. The following article is one that I recently wrote. It is not a particularly long article nor is it particularly great or even noteworthy.

I wrote the article, which can be read here, in about an hour. While this might seem like a lot of time given its length, generally speaking, I prefer to spend a day or two working on an article, which gives me time to gather information, quotes, organize, and polish. This one, I wrote, read once, and then submitted. I think this fact makes it all the more interesting to examine because there wasn't any extensive self-editing.

Super Scary Horror Theater

Super Scary Horror Theater is a sexy comedy horror show debuting this Friday night live from the Streamin' Garage. The series, which invokes the spirit of past classics such as Elvira and Count Scary, will show classic horror movies interspersed with live interactions with the audience via chat and Skype. In addition to discussing the movie, Ms. Dementia and her man servants will play a few games with the audience.